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Creative Grids 45mm Rotary Cutter with EVA Case

The sleek red handle is made of zinc alloy. This heavy metal adds the needed weight and balance to easily slice through multiple layers of fabric. The weight also means that less pressure is needed when cutting which reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

Creative Grids® 45mm Rotary Cutter with EVA Case 
#CGRCUT45 MAP/IMAP Retail $57.99 

Your first impression will be that it is heavier than the cutters you may currently use. The weight of the cutter means less pressure is needed to cut. This will result in less fatigue and strain on your wrist and arm. 

  • Easily cut through several layers of fabric to save time 
  • The anti-slip grip fits comfortably in any size hand 
  • The grooved edges for finger placement reduces slipping while you cut
  • The weight adds balance and reduces muscle fatigue 
  • For both right and left-handed use 
  • Quick change blade system
  • A Checker Exclusive and will not be available in chains.

The rotary cutter has a button that toggles to the left or right to expose the blade. Push and move the button a quarter circle in either direction until it clicks in place. When not in use, move the button to the center position to protect the blade. 

The exposed blade is specifically designed to extend beyond the guard to work with the Creative Grids® slotted rulers. To replace the blade, simply pull down on the tab to release it and add a new blade – a one-step process.

The Creative Grids® 45mm rotary cutter comes with a protective zippered case that includes plenty of room to store additional blades and notions.