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Scrapology Challenge

Grab your stash and start cutting!  Each month on the 2nd Saturday
I will post  instruction and a short video showing you the steps to making
an amazing quilt with your stash.

Step 1
A. Cut pieces from your stash. You will need 5" strips of varied darks
to medium prints.  Minimum size strip 5" x 5 1/2"

B. Cut pieces from your stash. You will need 5" strips of varied lights
 Minimum size strip 5" x 5 1/2"

C. Cut pieces from your stash.  You will need dark to medium prints of
4 1/4" to 4 1/2" strips

click her for pdf print out

Step 2

A. Starting with your 5" strips of darks and lights.  You will cut pieces using the Creative Grid Ruler CGRKA6 (Spider Web) You will line up the 5" mark and rotate your ruler. A template is available to print out if you would like to go that route.  If you don't have the ruler and would like to purchase it, you can find it on our online shop.  Click here to shop for this ruler. 
and be sure to use code (SWS) when checking out to get 10% off the Spider Web Ruler.
Code valid Feb 11-28th

More detailed instructions on the pdf below or you can watch the video.

B. From your dark/medium 4 1/4" or 4 1/2" strips you will cut them in to squares.  Your squares will be determined by the size of strip you cut. After you have the squares ready you will cut on the diagonal from corner to corner, making half square triangles. Note: either size works for this project.  Trust me, it will come together.

Print here for step 2 pdf instructions

Template for your 5" strips

Next step will be posted March 9th . Have fun and enjoy the process!

Step 3

From part 2 you should now have several lights and darks cut into triangles using the Spider Web Ruler or the template.  You should also have half square triangles.

Note: You may want to cut up more from your stash to make a larger size quilt.  Let's use up that stash! Enjoy the process and have fun!

A. Start assembling pairs of lights and darks from your triangles you cut from the Spider Web Ruler or template. You will place the light triangle on top and stitch on the right side of the triangle.  Press seams to the dark.
Lap size make 116 light/dark sets
Larger size make 220 light/dark sets
For a quilt closer to a queen size make 285 light/dark sets

B. Next assemble pairs of dark/dark, be sure to mix up your print colors for these pairs.
Lap size make 24 dark/dark sets
Larger size make 32 dark/dark sets
For closer to queen size make 39 dark/dark sets

C. Your half square triangles should total 140 for the lap size, 252 for the larger size and 316 for the quilt close to queen size.  (note: half square triangles not squares)

click here for pdf print out

Step 4

Hope you are enjoying this challenge!  Your quilt will start to come together and
I hope you enjoy the results.
You will start to put all your pairs together to create 3 different blocks.

Click on the link to print out Step 4 instructions and watch the video for more details on putting you quilt together.

Step 4 instructions