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Machine Quilting & Quilt Services

Quilter’s Window provides machine quilting and other quilt related services.Quilting is based on the square inch. To figure a rough estimate take the length times the width of your quilt to get the total square inches. Now multiply the total square inches by your choice of quilting. Example: 72” x 90” = 6480 square inches. (6480” x .02 price of quilting option= $129.60)  Please allow 6-8 weeks for quilting.

The machine quilting we provide for you is digital edge to edge quilting. These characteristics will enhance and produce the hand made look that we all cherish in our quilts. You will want to take into consideration that stitch in the ditch, echo quilting and diagonal crosshatching may seem simple, but are actually very challenging to accomplish to perfection.  

Meadering $.015 cents per square inch.

Pantograph $.022 cents per square inch. You have several designs to choose from or we will be glad to choose a pantograph that fits the design of your quilt top. To view Pantograph designs click here. (Please note we are updating and adding new designs)

Note: Small projects have a minimum charge of $25 for meandering and $30 for digital quilting. Small Stippling has a minimum of $50.

Other Services:

Squaring up Quilt Top -At your request, we will square up your quilt top after quilting for a flat fee of $12.

Binding -is calculated on the linear inch around the perimeter of your quilt. Add your widths and lengths together and this will give you the total inches. Take those inches times the binding option you wish to have provided.

Complete binding -$.25 cents per linear inch. Includes stitching the binding to the quilt top by machine and then hand stitching to the back side of your quilt.

Half binding -$.08 cents per linear inch. We will stitch your binding to the top of your quilt and have it ready for you to hand stitch. If you already have the binding stitched to the top & want us to hand bind it it will be $.08 cents per linear inch.

Binding by machine -$.12 cents per linear inch.  We will stitch your binding on completely by machine.

Seaming backing fabric -$10 minimum charge. multiple seams please add additional $10 per seam.

Other Quilt Services -We reserve the right to charge a minimum fee of $16 per hour for having to splice batting, pressing, trimming threads, removing basting, mending and preparing your fabric for binding.

Rush Charge -$35 charge may be assessed if we have a rush request and have to work your quilt in amongst quilts already scheduled for quilting.

Batting -We carry Quilter’s Dream Cotton, Poly, Blend and Wool Batting.  The Cotton is also available in different lofts

Shipping -If your quilt is to be mailed we will ship it UPS or USPS and insure it for an approximate value.  Shipping charges will be applied to your invoice.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Helpful Tips When Preparing Your Quilt Top
For Machine Quilting

Quilt Top Preperations

  1. Press the back of your quilt top well, making sure that all seams are pressed flat on the back and facing in the desired direction.

  2. Cut off any trailing threads from the back of your quilt. You have put a lot of time and effort into your quilt top and would not want to have these threads showing through on lighter areas of your quilt top. This does not look pretty when it happens.

  3. Please mark your quilt direction “TOP” with a safety pin or another method so we can stitch your selected quilting pattern correctly if you have a directional print. Please let us know if your backing fabric needs to be directional, this may depend on the print of your fabric. example: stripes or characters.

  4. Make sure you have squared up your quilt top. This will allow us to load your quilt on to the machine in a uniform direction.  If you have excess fabric in your borders and they are wavy we may have to take tucks to finish quilting.  Note: We do not stretch your quilt tops.

  5. Top is pressed and ready for quilting.  If we have to press your quilt, you may be charged for that time.


Quilt Back

  1. The best choices of fabric for your backing would be the same type of fabrics you created your quilt top from. Try to avoid Polyester fabrics as this type of fabric can cause the batting to migrate to the surface of your quilt and may cause tucks and puckering during quilting.

  2. When piecing your backing please make sure all pieces are the same length on the top and bottom so you have a straight cut on each end. Press your seams to one side on your backing fabric, this will create less bulk in those areas as your quilt is being machine quilted.  If we have to square up your quilt back to load it on the machine, you could be charged for that time. 

  3. Allow your backing and batting to be at least 3 inches larger than your top on all four sides. This will help, so we can do a better job for you. If you have packaged batting we will cut this to size for you. Please have your backing pressed and ready for quilting.  If we have to press your backing, you may be charged for that time.


Note on Backing: Use of sheets or sheeting is strongly discouraged because it generally causes poor tension and constant thread breakage and may cause your quilt to not look very nice after all the time and effort you put into creating a beautiful quilt top.

Quilt Border tip to avoid wavy borders: When attaching borders, make sure to measure your quilt top to bottom through the middle of the quilt and cut your borders to that measurement. Find the middle of your quilt sides and the middle of the border that you cut, pin from the middle out.  If it does not fit, you will need to adjust seams (not stretch borders or the quilt). Press side borders, measure your quilt side to side through the middle, repeat to add the border to the top and bottom of your quilt.  

The machine quilting we provide for you is hand guided by the operator and not computer programmed.  Please understand that the end product will naturally have small variations since the designs are hand drawn and executed by the operator. We appreciate your business!

All of us at Quilter’s Window look forward to providing you with your machine quilting needs. If you have any questions, please feel to give us a call.

Thank you! Denise & Staff